New Update and New Prices!!

Finally the new update of our website came out!

You can find the new upgrades in the order section of our website!


Now you'll be able to choose the exact amount of League of Legends referrals you want to purchase. If you have 10 referrals of your own and you want the 100referrals rewards, you don't need to purchase 100referrals anymore, just get 90 referrals and receive the same rewards with a cheaper price!

And also we did lower all of our prices, not only you can choose the exact number of referrals you need, now you will get them for the lowest and competent price in the website. Who can offer you a fast and reliable service with a live-update tracking system and with those new low prices? We do!

Our live-updated tracking system!


10% Discount Code - Time to get Referrals !


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¡NEW GIVEAWAY! - 50 Referrals and incoming update of the site.

We are glad to announce a raffle for a chance to win 50 referrals !!

Just join our Facebook page and follow the steps of the our last report.

We are also working on a new feature in our order section, you'll see the changes soon !

¡NEW GIVEAWAY! - 50 Referrals

Referralslol giveaway

Today we announce our second giveaway! The reward will be a free 50 referrals package!

Just join our Facebook page and follow the steps of the our report.


LoL Referrals - 50 Referrals GiveAway


Hello, we are happy to announce we finally start our first giveaway :) Just go to our facebook page and be sure to follow the steps of our last report!

Don't loose the chance to get 50 referrals for free!

And remember, this won't be the last raffle we will do!!